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COVID19 Update

May 01, 2020

All Pinelands Garden Club Programs and Events are cancelled through June 30, 2020. We hope to resume our normal programming schedule in September. An update will come out in August. Thank you for your cooperation.


We encourage you to go out in nature-hike, garden, visit a local park. Connections with our community, both human and earth, leave us feeling grateful and energized. 

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2019-2020 Programs


Birds in South Jersey's Gardens and Backyards- Our gardens and yards provide food, water and shelter for all sorts of wildlife.  Birds are often some of the most obvious visitors to our backyard refuges, bringing color and song to our lives.  Have you ever thought about what other benefits we and nature derive from their presence?  Do you know what challenges birds face and how we can help them thrive?  Can you identify your most frequent visitors?  Perhaps there is more than what meets the eye and ear. 
Presenter: Lisa M. Herman
A former financial services executive for 30 years, acquired Wild Birds Unlimited, a nature store dedicated to “bringing people and nature together”. Vice-President of Programs, Audubon Wildlife Society, on Board of Freedom Center for Wildlife, a South Jersey wildlife rehabilitation center.  Store is extension of a long-held interest in the natural world and the wildlife with which we share it.


Joint Meeting and Luncheon with Moorestown and Haddonfield Garden Clubs
at Moorestown Community House.
Friendly Floral Competition
Each designer will get the same plant material and create a design of their own choosing in front of the audience. We will then have judging...but only as a "friendly" teaching moment for the designers and audience to increase our knowledge of floral design.


Christmas Wreath Workshop - Participants make a Christmas wreath using assorted greens, cones, and decorations for the front door of their home. Cost $35. Registration at Lumberton Leas.
Presenter: Debbie Lux
Award-winning Medford Leas Horticulturist, PGC Member.


New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve- A power point presentation of the Pinelands National Reserve, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, through Mr. Horner’s gallery of photos recording oak and pine forests, cedar swamps, meandering waterways and native flora and fauna.  His 2015 book, “Pinelands:  New Jersey’s Suburban Wilderness”, will be available for sale and signing.  The price is $35.  
Presenter: Albert D. Horner
Award winning, fine-art photographer, who uses art to advocate on behalf of our New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve. 


Gardening for Older Adults- A lecture on how gardening can keep you fit and active.  Attendees will learn a stretching routine which can be done prior to going out to work in the garden.  The talk will review helpful equipment for the aging gardener and share safely tips.
Presenter: Debbie Lux
Award-winning Medford Leas Horticulturist, PGC Member.


Floral Design 101- Workshop and judging of basic Floral Designs created by PGC members. The Principles and Elements of Design and the Scales of Points used in judging designs and the conditioning of plant materials used in Design and Horticulture classes in a Standard Flower Show will be discussed.
Presenter: Jane Bersch
Member of PGC of Medford, the GCNJ, the NGC, Inc. and CAR-SGC Region Boards of Directors, Accredited Master Judge, Master Landscape Design and Gardening Consultant, Environmental Consultant.


Perennials for Summer Interest- Everyone enjoys the cheerful flowers of summer which seem to last for months on end.  The challenge is which plants to select for your garden since the selection is often daunting!   This program will focus upon plants that not only provide great color for the summer garden but are also easy to grow.  Many of these plants even provide the added benefit of great foliage for the balance of the season.  The program will also focus on culture and design considerations.
Presenter: Bruce Crawford
Director of Rutgers Gardens, the 130 acre botanical garden for Rutgers, Adjunct Professor Landscape Architecture Dept., School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University. Owner of garden design business specializing in plantings for year-round interest.


Make and Take a Succulent Arrangement- Succulents have been all the rage for quite some time now and it does not look like that will change.  Why?  Find out the basics of these indoor plants and why people everywhere are loving having them as part of their indoor gardens.  You will learn basic succulent care as well as some tips and techniques to keep your succulents healthy and happy.  You will then be instructed on planting up a cute succulent arrangement which you can take home and enjoy. Cost: $15.
Presenter: Alicia Vacchiano
Owner of Plant Design Events, Certified Horticulturalist, Certified Master Gardener and Floral Design Certified through the Floral Design Institute. Member and President of Wall Township Garden Club.

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